Lakhvinder Babbu Gill

Lakhvinder Babbu Gill the founder of The Healing Shelter. She is certified and licensed as a"Heal Your Life Teacher Trainer/ Coach Trainer & Workshop Facilitator, Life Coach and A Heart and Mind Business Coach trained by Dr Patricia Crane and Rick Nicholas.(Heart Inspired Presentations LLC, authorized by Hay House. USA) to lead workshops based on the philosophy of Louise L Hay. Babbu Gill is a certified Teenage and Child consultant.

Babbu has trained in various healing therapies and modalities in India and abroad
with recognised master teachers. She has trained in the "Tree Of Life" techniques of Russian Scientist Dr Arcady Petrov and uses the tools of "The Journey" by Brandon Bays. Healing with the Angels certified by Doreen Virtue, Feng Shui-Lillian Too, Tapping by Nick Ortner, Pyramid/ Vaastu Therapy-Dr Jiten, Qualified in Chakra Balancing, Crystal Therapy, Colour Therapy, Aromatherapy, Naturopathy, Vedic Astrology, Arhatic Yogi. She is a certified Access Energetic Facelift  practitioner. She is a Vipassana meditator since 1988 and practices meditation regularly. Shri SN Goenka Ji is her inspiration..

As a Heal Your Life Coach, she helps clients to clarify their goals, to plan life effectively and create a future with a vision. Nurturing and nourishing clients, encouraging them to grow in their own way and bloom in their own colours. 

She is a deeply compassionate seminar leader. She specializes in establishing the mind body connection. Sharing with a holistic approach she inspires people to recognize their magnificence and expand their consciousness. She leads workshops that focus on the wellness of the mind, body and soul, creating holistic personal growth, enabling people to connect to their inner self and lead fulfilled lives. With a vision to empower people to reach their true potential..   Lakhvinder Babbu Gill has led seminars and workshops across the country and touched more than thousands of live

"There is no "way" to happiness – Happiness is the way"

Babbu Gill says "This work began  when I saw the power that lies within me  at a Vipassana course, in 1988 .I saw that every thought I think creates my future. That was my first insight. I noticed how in the past I had stifled my feelings, and was unable to breathe… How I had suppressed my hurt, and above all my tears as a child.. I believed my mother when she said, .'Brave girls do not cry' I was an obedient child, so I listened to her and stopped crying at all !!.This belief sowed the seed of repression. Gradually I became a chronic Asthmatic., The thoughts we think create our feelings, and we then begin to live our lives in accordance to these feelings and beliefs.  Becoming aware of my thought patterns and willingly releasing my past beliefs that were blocks in my life healed me of chronic Asthma.  Taking responsibility, acknowledging my emotions, without making myself or others wrong gave me the power to make changes in my life. I learnt to love and respect myself, and trust this higher power. I moved from being a victim to a winner.

LOUISE  L HAY’S  philosophy, gave language to my practice in silence. I found words to spread the work of healing, the generosity to give away what I had received. I discovered the power of love. The  power of forgiveness. Thanks to Louise, I could open my spirit to lessons of love and trust. She is my inspiration. I acknowledge my teachers, Dr Patricia Crane and Rick Nicholas for training me as a Heal Your Life  leader, Life Coach, Heart and Mind Business Coach (for Companies and organisations) and for showing me the power of affirmations.             

Inspired by the book “You Can Heal Your Life” an international best seller in English, with the assistance of Jasmeet, and with the permission of Hay House India, I have translated it into the Punjabi language.We still await publication.

I also have the privilege of authoring my story in a book beside the esteemed author BruceLipton. ,
If we are willing to do the work, by recognizing and moving beyond our limiting beliefs and thought patterns, we could make incredible changes in our mind, body and life itself!!The miracle tool to healing is Forgiveness. It opens the doorway to LOVE.
Lakhvinder Babbu Gill is a gifted artist, a creative designer, a qualified Jewellery Designer, Cosmetologist. and is the founder of the  Design House

"DILTAJ PEHNAWA" Established in 1988. She moved to Ludhiana from Maharashtra in the summer of 1997 when her husband retired from the Indian Army. Her designs speak of her as a woman of spirit and are a fusion of contemporary styling and vibrant embroidery. Her latest addition is her hand painted  spiritual line based on Color Therapy created in Angelic and Floral Designs.

She has painted a beautiful portrait of her inspiration, Louise L Hay.Which is proudly displayed at her Healing Shelter.