• Learn To use the Power of Postive Affirmations In Your Own Life.

  • I embrace postive new beliefs about prosperity.

  • My body has a remarkable capacity for healing.

  • I am so grateful for my health and vitality.

  • Every resource I need for my healing comes to me

  • Every resource I need for my healing comes to me

For Weight Loss
Learn To use the Power of Positive Affirmations In Your Own Life!
Every day my relationship with food becomes healthier. 
I am learning and using the mental, emotional, and spiritual skills for success. I am willing to change!
I love my body. I appreciate my body. 
It’s exciting to discover my unique food and exercise system for weight loss. 
I am delighted to be the ideal weight for me. 
It’s easy for me to follow a healthy food plan. 
I choose to embrace thoughts of confidence in my ability to make positive changes in my life. 
It feels good to move my body. Exercise is fun! 
I use deep breathing to help me relax and handle stress. 
I am a good person. 
I deserve to be at my ideal weight. 
I am a lovable person. I deserve love. 
It is safe for me to lose weight. I am a strong presence in the world at my lower weight. 
I accept and enjoy my sexuality. It’s OK to feel sensuous. 
My metabolism is excellent. 

LOVE YOURSELF 4 KIDS -PLAY-SHOP ( 8 yrs to 12 yrs)
15 & 16 Jun 2019  @ Ludhiana

A Heal Your Life program   29 & 30 Jun 2019 @ Ludhiana

"I have learnt a lot. Thanks for allowing my participation. I till now never knew what it was to love. No one gave me love till now. Now, after this workshop I love life, I love myself, I love you."