• Learn To use the Power of Postive Affirmations In Your Own Life.

  • I embrace postive new beliefs about prosperity.

  • My body has a remarkable capacity for healing.

  • I am so grateful for my health and vitality.

  • Every resource I need for my healing comes to me

  • Every resource I need for my healing comes to me

For Relationships
Learn To use the Power of Positive Affirmations In Your Own Life!
I approve of myself. 
I love and accept all parts of myself. 
Loving myself heals my life. 
I express my feelings openly and easily. 
I am a loving and positive person. 
I forgive myself and others totally. 
I am willing to accept love. I deserve love. 
People enjoy being with me because I am a joyful person. 
I am so grateful to have a loving, supportive partner. 
I am so grateful to have loving, supportive friends. 
I emotionally support my friends and encourage them to be their best. 
I am aware of past patterns that no longer serve me and release them easily. 
I listen closely and open my heart when interacting with others. 
My partner and I share and talk easily. 
My partner and I enjoy a wonderful sexual relationship. 
My partner and I are compatible emotionally, intellectually, physically, and spiritually. 
The love I extend returns to me multiplied. 
I enjoy wonderful associations with positive, uplifting people. 
I love and appreciate the members of my family. 
My relationships are filled with joy and fun and love. 

LOVE YOURSELF 4 KIDS -PLAY-SHOP ( 8 yrs to 12 yrs)
15 & 16 Jun 2019  @ Ludhiana

A Heal Your Life program   29 & 30 Jun 2019 @ Ludhiana

"I have learnt a lot. Thanks for allowing my participation. I till now never knew what it was to love. No one gave me love till now. Now, after this workshop I love life, I love myself, I love you."