• Learn To use the Power of Postive Affirmations In Your Own Life.

  • I embrace postive new beliefs about prosperity.

  • My body has a remarkable capacity for healing.

  • I am so grateful for my health and vitality.

  • Every resource I need for my healing comes to me

  • Every resource I need for my healing comes to me

About Us


Since 2002 Lakhvinder Babbu Gill has been leading Transformational Seminars and life changing training programs for individuals.Through her healing techniques and positive philosophy , individuals have improved the quality of their lives by creating wellness in their mind, body and spirit.


At The Healing Shelter ,we provide a space for you to experience this power and create magic in your life.

What is Magic ? Magic is the natural outcome of spiritual energies in motion…we guide you to experience these energies.

Through our workshops, we as a team , support the healing of an individual, and that is the foundation for the healing of the entire planet.

We hold workshops in which individuals connect to the Soul, they experience the energy of Love and oneness, the power of Forgiveness, and realize that we are all one in Spirit.

We offer workshops for kids(8-14 yrs) and for adults. We have,short half Day ,1Day courses,2 Day workshops,10 week study courses, and 3 to 5 days Retreats in Ludhiana, and other cities of India.

Information sessions are offered to give a sense of the work we provide. Inspirational Movies and Videos are screened regularly at The Healing Shelter. Follow up sessions are provided for all participants.

Lakhvinder Babbu Gill the founder of The Healing Shelter ,is certified and licensed as a" Heal Your Life ," Workshop facilitator and Life Coach,trained by Dr Patricia Crane and Rick Nicholas.(Heart Inspired Presentations LLC, authorised by Hay House.USA)to lead workshops based on the philosophy of Louise L Hay,.She has trained in the "Tree Of Life" techniques of Russian Scientist Dr Arcady Petrov and uses the tools of "The Journey" by Brandon Bays.,qualified in Chakra Balancing, Crystal Therapy, Meditation ,Reflexology and Acupressure ,Color Therapy, Healing with the Angels, Feng Shui-Lillian Too, Pyramid Therapy ,Aromatherapy, Naturopathy, Vedic Astrology, she is a Vipassana meditator since 1988 practicing meditation regularly . As a Heal Your Life Coach, she helps clients to clarify their goals, to plan life effctively and create a future with a vision. Nurturing and nourishing clients, encouraging them to grow in their own way and bloom in their own color.She specialises in establishing the mind body connection . Sharing with a holistic approach and trained as a seminar leader, she inspires people to recognise their magnificence and expand their conciousness..

Our workshops are an invitation to freedom; Are you ready to soar?

Our purpose is act To serve with an open heart.

Our focus is To see that each individual has self-love, self-worth, selfesteem and leads a healthy and powerful life.

Meet Our Team

Lakhvinder Babbu Gill
Founder of the Healing Shelter
Dedicated to making a difference

Iqbal Gill 
Col Iqbal Gill (Retd)
Deeply compassionate and a pillar of strength.



LOVE YOURSELF 4 KIDS -PLAY-SHOP ( 8 yrs to 12 yrs)
15 & 16 Jun 2019  @ Ludhiana

A Heal Your Life program   29 & 30 Jun 2019 @ Ludhiana

"I have learnt a lot. Thanks for allowing my participation. I till now never knew what it was to love. No one gave me love till now. Now, after this workshop I love life, I love myself, I love you."